Administrative Services

Our remit goes way beyond looking after billing and collections. Our comprehensive services are designed to both support our clients and allow them to grow their businesses.


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    Case study:

    quoteWe were passed a long-standing debt by the medical secretary of one of our regular clients. The debt was over two years old and had been pursued by another debt agency who could not find the patient or where she lived.

    The medical secretary was approached by a different hospital for the medical records of this patient. Her new address was listed on the covering letter, so the secretary called on our services.

    We wrote to the patient, followed up with a visit and then issued County Court Proceedings before the patient responded.

    We were able to negotiate on behalf of our client and recovered the outstanding debt in full over an agreed timescale of incremental payments.

    If we had not been called in and had not been tenacious but flexible and understanding our client would have had to write off this debt.

    Our services include:

    GP Reports

    The provision of reports to show which GPs regularly refer to our consultants, this giving an indication as to who should be visited, both for Private and NHS referrals. Linked to this we have been able to show and give insight into where Patients live.

    CCG’s and HRG coding

    We are experts in understanding and have day to day working knowledge of CCG’s and HRG coding. We have proved this by advising a number of Consultants of how they are being paid by their Private Hospitals, we have been able to show comparisons year on year, how the fees are being squeezed and how with our advice both parties can optimise their billing.

    Practice Analysis

    We provide monthly detailed analysis of Medical Private Practices to help in the development and growth of your Private Practice. Building month on month, this analysis helps you to plan ahead, streamlining processes in order to maximise potential.

    Cash Flow

    We understand the cashflow cycle. Working on your behalf we look to optimise your billing within the Insurer guidelines. Just some simple tweaks to your current practice could have a big positive impact for you and your private practice.

    The Aesthetic Industry

    We work in the Aesthetic Industry, assisting Aesthetic Nurses to understand how and why monthly accounts can assist in the growth of their business.

    • We provide insight and knowledge with the complex issues of VAT
    • We provide expert knowledge into other areas of HMRC, and provide information concerning the impact of employing staff.
    • We assist Aesthetic nurses in the growth and development of their business, reviewing costings of services and negotiating on purchases.

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