Billing and collection

Time, or lack thereof, is one of the biggest issues for a Medical Consultant. We have helped many consultants who have simply run out of time to do their own billing, let alone chasing for payment.

Our comprehensive Billing and Collection Service means that not only is a lot of your time is freed up, but also that you can be confident that your cash flow is running optimally.


Invoice collecting:

  • We provide Self Fund Patients a number of different ways to pay – Cheque, Card, Bank Transfer.
  • We allocate all insured payments on the date they are received into your bank account.
  • Where necessary we will issue shortfall letters to your patients and post them.
  • We are the contact point for all your invoicing and collections.
  • If there are any queries, we deal with them in a polite professional manner.
  • At the end of every month, we provide you with Practice information, including monthly outstanding invoice status report and our comments.
  • We provide end of year reports for either yourself or your accountant.

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    Case study:

    quoteThe patient is insured with a large insurer, had a procedure carried out in theatre during the day under general anaesthetic. Later in the evening patient began to haemorrhage and had to be taken back to theatre as an urgent case and the Consultant called in.

    Invoices were submitted for both daytime and emergency procedures following the Insurers Guidelines.

    When the remittance came through the insurer had shortfalled the emergency procedure claiming it was a second procedure on the same day.

    We were able to go back to the Insurance company and indicate that both procedures had been invoiced within their guidelines and had been checked and confirmed with their coding and pricing team.

    Due to Avondale Medical’s audit trail and awareness of billing principles, we were able to confirm who we had spoken to and confirm that both payments were due in full.

    The result of this is that the Consultant was paid the full amount for the procedure he had turned out late at night to carry out and did not suffer a loss of reimbursement due to the insurers lack of attention to detail and their staff members lack of knowledge of their own billing procedures.

    Subscribing to our service is a simple process:
    • We initially ask you some details about you and your Practice, in order that we can get you set up and ensure we can transfer across your Private Practice to us for your Insurance Companies.
    • We ask that you email or fax us your Clinic/Theatre lists, either on the day or the day after your Clinic/Theatre.
    • We do the rest. We turn your clinic / theatre lists into invoices.
    • We check patient information – insurance details, membership numbers, authorisation numbers, patient address and contact details.
    • We send out your invoices to Self Paying Patients, electronically send invoices to the majority of the insurers.
    • We speak to your Private Hospital if you are seeing NHS Patients to find out how they work and invoice accordingly.
    • All invoicing is done within 24 hours of receipt.

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