Debt collection


  • Outstanding invoices causing you concern?
  • Do you know how much you have outstanding?
  • How often do you really review your outstanding invoices?
  • Are you able to rely on your Medical Secretaries for the most up-to-date and accurate information?

Debt recovery is an important part of running a practice as it can seriously affect your cash flow when clients refuse to pay. Recovering business debts can be time-consuming and costly so having someone you can rely on to arrange your business debt recovery quickly and easily is a vital consideration.

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    Case study:

    quotePatient was seen for an Initial Consultation and two weeks later for a Follow Up Consultation.  No payment was received within the terms of the invoice period and reminder letters sent to him over the course of a three month period produced no results.

    All attempts to contact the patient, including visiting his home (and being told he was not in) proved fruitless.

    As we were confident that the patient was still at the address we held for them, we issued a Solicitors Letter Before Action, then issued County Court Proceedings and then arranged for the Bailiff to attend the address to attempt to recover payment or goods to the value of the outstanding amount.

    It transpired that the Patient was being detained in prison and at that stage no further action could be taken.

    A County Court Judgement stands for six years. On his release from prison the Patient called and asked if he could settle the outstanding amount. As the Patient was now liable for the original invoice charges as well as all the fees incurred in trying to recover the debt the amount he had to pay to satisfy the County Court Judgement was double the amount of the original invoices.

    The County Court Judgement still stands against this patient for six years, but as he has paid off the outstanding amount his checks will be relaxed to some extent.

    Invoice systems

    It is sometimes difficult to keep up with how your invoice will be handled, depending if it is a self-fund or insurer account, or to keep up with how and why an insurer invoice does not appear to be paid in full. Our services allow you to have clarity about your invoicing systems, whilst we take the time and administrative burden of following up and ensuring prompt payment.

    Aged debt collections

    Just because an invoice has remained unpaid, does not mean that payment will never be made.

    Our collections services seek to avoid the all too frequent situation of invoices being written off the ledger. Or as often happens, smaller debts are not pursued.

    Peace of Mind

    Our diligent, experienced services help you to recover debts, whatever the amount and whatever the age of the invoice.

    We trace and track patients on your behalf and throughout the process we deal with individuals in a courteous, professional manner.

    When speaking with the insurers, we sometimes need to clarify the information provided and request additional information, so as to ensure full or part payment.

    We ensure you are kept up to date with the status of your accounts on a monthly basis. These reports include an outstanding invoice report, clearly showing the status of your accounts together with our commentary.

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